~Meet the Baker behind Snob’s Delight~

My name is Saraely Ortega, I am the Snobbie Chef. Everyone I know has said to me that they refuse to settle and that they want the best. I want the best for myself as well. Reasonable, right?

You are probably wondering “Why snobbie? Is she a snob?” Right? To answer that shortly, YES. I am a snob. Think about it though, we all are. In our own way we are all a snob. Being a millennial, I turn to Urban Dictionary(of course). The definition of a snob is, “Someone who claims to be of higher intelligence than others, understands the finer things in life, and generally deems themselves a higher being than most others.”

To be clear, I do not believe that I am better than others but I do look for the best ingredients, music, movies or literally anything else I want. We all have a passion for something and look for the best. We are all snobs of our passion. Hence Snobbie Chef. I am a chef in search of a better me and a better outcome.

Growing up as a little girl in Tennessee, my grandmother was always making cakes and cookies. We would spend hours in the kitchen sifting flour and searching through magazines for new recipes. If I wasn’t with my grandmother then I was with my mom and her friend making toffee and candies. This is where my inspiration for baking comes from. They planted the seed for what Snob’s Delight would one day become.

-Snobbie Chef